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Fuel and Operational Efficiency

Fuel and Operational Efficiency

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Fuel Efficiency Consulting forms part of our larger Operational Efficiency Consulting offering, where we cover operational management support in the areas of OCC, Hub and Fleet, and focus on relevance analysis of deployed people, procedures & processes as well as systems in play (PPP&IT).

We take a broad view by proposing solutions ranging from efficiency and cost control measures to network and fleet evaluation solutions, both operational and commercial. We also provide strategic and tactical support to airlines and operators who do not have, cannot afford or would prefer not to employ a full-time, senior or C-level Operational Efficiency Director.

Using our industry wide expertise, we are able to give a powerful insight into fuel efficiency and its programme management, as well as producing continuous added value to your operation. We can conduct a full scan of your current efficiency programme, initiatives and systems in play, as well as exchange ideas related to new market developments and systems, and how to manage or outsource a possible RFP process to get the best results from such an undertaking.

We have developed a number of ways to provide tailored consulting services and use a range of methods designed to add value depending on the level of success of programmes currently in place. Our consultants are experienced at performing a gap analysis / relevance analysis of your current status, and will subsequently set up or amend an efficiency programme which includes targets, KPIs, project management, initiative tracking, relevant job descriptions – all backed by the invaluable experience of many years spent in airlines around the world, optimising flight operational performance.

In addition, we can add value to the operation through the provision of training on various levels and using relevant delivery methods, as well as the management of efficiency-related data as an off-site reporting service, replacing or adding to a current reporting stream.