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IT Systems Audits

Benchmarking Audits

Your Operations and IT departments are of course vital to the success of the airline. There are many complex systems and technically demanding processes that need system support and a well organised team to run them. Regulations change, new and different aircraft arrive and industry best practice changes as more and more is learnt about keeping aircraft safely in the sky. We work with different airlines in different sectors across the world and can advise you on how the best prepare for any eventuality. We are experts in setting up processes and procedures, and choosing the right suite of systems to ensure you operate safely, efficiently and with the minimum effort. Do you have the right mix of experience, talent and curiosity in your team? Are they in the right location and do they have access to the support structure they need? Is your hardware and network up to the job? Is your budget in line with the rest of the industry?


Aircraft IT talk to industry leaders and experts every day, and we are a trusted source of unrivalled industry information. We specialise in Airline and Aircraft Technology and the people and systems that support your operation.


Readiness Audits

Replacing a key airline system is a complicated project that carries with it a lot of risk. An Operations, Crewing or Engineering system is usually at least a year in the planning and execution, and involves varied disciplines and can stretch across different departments, requiring highly skilled planning and execution. You need to understand the long term impact of recruiting either temporary or permanent teams to deliver solutions, and the impact a system can have far outside the obvious departments. What are the benefits you should expect and where are the hidden costs? Do you have the people you need or is it best to get experts in on a short term deal to cover the project? And how do they become experts in your operation immediately? What platform will the new system sit on and how will the data flow around your airline and partner companies? Do you really understand your requirements – you do not buy a system based on the adverts, but choose one that best fits your needs. How do you match your needs to the offerings in the market? How do you prepare the work teams for change, and how do you prepare the finance department for the inevitable costs.


At Aircraft IT we talk to people in your position at many airlines all over the world and we hear from them the best and worst aspects of the projects they have lead. We meet airline IT and Operations leaders and give them guidance and suggestions on how to run large and small projects. We are now looking to focus that knowledge and experience and offer a full bespoke service to every airline to make sure that knowledge is shared around the industry through our experts.