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Aircraft Commerce Consulting


  Unrivalled Industry Knowledge

Aircraft Commerce and Aircraft IT have joined forces with a group of best-in-class consultants to form ‘Aircraft Commerce Consulting’. This uniquely-capable and experienced team now stands ready to work with airlines and aircraft operators in developing strategies to unlock and enhance the full potential of both aircraft operations and associated IT systems. Contact us and find out how your airline can tap into this unrivalled industry knowledge.

Key Services Include:

  • IT Systems Health-Checks – Benchmark your current systems and processes against industry standards. Identify what can be optimized to drive greater efficiency, provide competitive advantage and ensure on-time performance. Health-Checks include: MRO / M&E Systems, EFB, Crew Planning, more... 

    - Click here to view information on our M&E / MRO Systems Health-Check Program

  • Fuel Efficiency Health-Check – The Fuel Efficiency Health-Check Program provides each airline or operator with: A benchmark comparison of current fuel efficiency processes against best practice industry standards; Suggestions for additional realistic fuel saving initiatives to complement existing practices using the latest industry proven techniques; An outline of how to optimize current processes and systems for further fuel savings.

    - Click here to view information on our Fuel Efficiency Health-Check Program

  • IT Systems Support – Tap into Aircraft Commerce Consulting's unrivalled knowledge of the market and vendors. Our industry leading experts are on-had to support you with your projects including: M&E / MRO, EFB, ETL, Fuel Efficiency, Crew Planning, Flight Planning, Digital Strategies, more...

  • Other Services – Freighters and Cargo.

Company Background:

In 1998 Aircraft Commerce magazine set the Gold Standard in commercial aviation analysis, a standard it has maintained and strengthened ever since.​ From its launch in 2011 Aircraft IT magazine has sustained and strengthened its unrivalled status as the industry authority on Flight Operations and Maintenance & Engineering IT systems.​

Now these two industry powerhouses have joined forces with a team of 'best in class' consultants to create a new force in civil aviation consultancy. ​From January 2018 this unique resource will stand ready to work with you in developing business strategies to unlock the full potential of your fleet and network. Strategies that embrace the game-changing potential that the synthesis of data, analysis, systems and experience can deliver.

For more information please contact:

Ed Haskey | | +44 1273 454 235 |