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Exhibitor's Information: Logipad



Exhibitor's Information: Logipad

3rd Annual Flight Operations Conference

3rd & 4th December 2009
Radisson SAS Airport Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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 EFB class-l solution

 Logipad is a state-of-the-art EFB class-l solution which guarantees flexible and scalable information handling for pilots on ground and in the air.

Logipad provides all operations (pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight) compliant on a single laptop device. It increases the level of service by managing the massive logistical challenge of providing information.

By cooperation and integration with leading suppliers of aviation software and standard hardware, Logipad enables to create a comprehensive electronic flight bag (EFB).

 Business benefits

  • Document & eForms distribution: fast, cheap, reliable, accurate and audible
  • Removal of heavy and expensive paper manuals
  • Save money and engine life with optimized performance calculation (with providing COTS performance application)
  • Logipad resolves regulatory compliance issues
  • Integration of the pilots into the airline's communication system
  • Off-duty CBT training& courses
  • Smooth flight preparations with eBriefing via Internet
  • Daily usage of the personalized Logipad class-l device guarantess effective use
  • Backup device for class ll / lll EFB Solutions (paperless cockpit)


Until the end of the year 2009 we expect to provide 2.500 users with a Logipad client. Some of our current customers are:

Partners / Applications:

Nearly all market leading applications can be implemented in the Logipad environment (navigation / charting, performance calculation, CBT, electronic forms, WebBriefing). Four our partnerships:



T&A SYSTEME GmbH as an IT-services & IT-solution specialist is partner of major IT-vendors. Based on our experience and skills the Logipad platform can flexibly support & integrate standard software and hardware. The first EFB-projects was realized in 2002 for a German airline. Some of our IT-vendor partnerships:

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