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Exhibitor's Information: TechSight by Flatirons Solutions

Lead sponsor:  
Airline & Aerospace
MRO & Operations IT Conference - EMEA 2014

25 - 26 June 2014

Park Inn Hotel, London Heathrow, UK

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TechSight/X® Suite of Products

Deliver the Right Information, at the Right Time, to the Right People

The TechSight/X suite of products by Flatirons Solutions (formerly InfoTrust Group) is the leading independent solution for technical information management developed specifically for the aerospace industry. For more than 25 years, the world’s largest airlines and aerospace manufacturers have used the TechSight/X suite of products to modernize their IT infrastructures, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain their competitive edge.

The TechSight/X® suite of products is in production at many of the largest airlines around the world, and both OEMs and commercial and cargo carriers rely on complementary outsourced services from Flatirons Solutions to increase the efficiency of authoring, managing, and processing their data to keep it timely, accurate, and industry-compliant.

TechSight/X iPad Application for Flight Operations – The Ultimate App for the Flight Deck

It's time to stop dabbling with make-do apps for the flight deck and switch to something better.

Get an iPad app that:

  • Offers more capabilities than traditional PDF documents
  • Delivers not just a lot of information quickly but the right information pilots need
  • Reduces the size of data packages and shortens synchronization time, thus lowering the cost of data transmission when applying updates to manuals
  • Enables interactive capabilities to help pilots find information faster – including search, bookmarks, annotations, and personal notes 

Visit our booth at the conference and discover the ultimate iPad app for the flight deck.

Get your free, 30-day demo trial of the only iPad app with:

  • Extra large buttons and chunky UI
  • Day/night modes
  • In-app brightness control and rotation lock
  • Lightning-quick search
  • Slick document scrolling, page scrubbing and table of content navigation
  • And more               +1.949.474.4200



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