Exhibitor information: ADT–Wings MRO Software






ADT (Applied Database Technology) provides solutions to companies that operate, maintain, repair and overhaul aircrafts. Our MRO solution, WINGS software is a comprehensive aviation maintenance management solution specifically designed and developed for Aerospace Companies.

Designed around best practices in maintenance operations, WINGS offers important benefits such as:

  • improving process management, decision-making and profitability.
  • reducing maintenance costs.
  • increasing aircraft availability.
  • minimizing inventories & optimizing supply chain management.
  • ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • implementing the newest technologies for maintenance operations.

WINGS comprised of many sub-modules to provide the benefits mentioned above. These modules are:

  • Fleet Management
  • Aircraft Maintenance Planning 
  • Technical Documentation Library 
  • Heavy Maintenance 
  • Shop Management (Component Repair)
  • Labor Tracking 
  • Invoicing
  • Purchasing and Vendor Management
  • Receiving and Shipping
  • Employee Master Definitions
  • Employee Certifications
  • Bar Code Printing & Technology
  • Pocket-Wings (on Wireless hand-held computers)
  • Engineering 
  • Aircraft and Component Reliability 
  • Work Order Management  
  • Line Maintenance
  • Tooling Management
  • Time & Attendance 
  • Cost Reporting 
  • Inventory Control
  • Quality Assurance & Audits
  • Employee Trainings
  • Open Interfaces - Gateways to external systems
  • Image Attachement 


WINGS operates where and when it is needed, over the web, within your intranet, on wireless hand-held computers, tablets or on touch-screen kiosks. It has the most modern technology utilizing Java and Ajax based J2EE architecture, running on various hardware platforms as shown here:

We have been in the software business since 1992 and built an excellent customer reference base.  ADT's first priority is always customer satisfaction thus we have obtained 100% customer satisfaction since 1992.  ADT has a proven track record to develop reference accounts in the Aviation industry along with other high technology companies which are considered to be leaders in their fields.

The following is a list of ADT clients: AAR Aircraft Maintenance Division, ACT Cargo, Airborne MRO, Transaero Engineering Ireland, ATSTeam MRO, Atlas Jet, Boeing Satellite Division, Bora Jet, Freebird Air, Goodrich, HAITEC MRO, Ten Airways, IFLY Airlines, IKAR Airlines, MGA Aviation, MNG Airlines, MNG Jet, MNG Technic MRO, Nordwind Airlines, Onur Air, Pegasus Airlines, Pullmantur Air, SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance, SolinAir, SunExpress, SunExpress Germany, Textron, Turkish HABOM MRO, Volga-Dnepr Gulf, ULS Cargo.


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