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AeroSoft Systems Inc. was established in June 1997 in Toronto Canada as a privately held Canadian Corporation. We have an office in Austria since 2002, and technical resources in USA/Miami and Denmark. We have 20 maintenance paying customers with over 1000 aircraft serviced globally in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our products have in fact been installed and used by over 50 airlines/MRO’s over the past 20 years and customer/product loyalty dates back to the early 1990's.

We are dedicated to commercial aviation M&E systems solutions. Our motto has been “Maintain your Leading Edge”. We achieved this by acquiring and licensing mature solutions and subsequently technologically advancing, functionally improving and modifying them into integrated re-deployment while offering the most competitive commercial terms.

We have three distinct products, two in MRO/M&E: DigiMAINT NG and WebPMI. We also have DigiDOC as our flagship aviation dedicated digital Content Management System (CMS). This gives us a unique profile to single product vendors which is typical in our market. We’re differentiated by fully understanding both the traditional and current MRO/M&E data structures, features and requirements and the integration points and ‘gray areas’ with CMS to achieve full compliance. In particular, our DigiDOC is proven to integrate without restrictions with any of our competitors’ systems as well as with our own DigiMAINT and WebPMI. We specialize in data conversion, migration, loading and validation which we consider core services by a software vendor. Mobile platform delivery is designed into our products.

Our systems include imbedded integration modules and solutions for Business Analytics (DigiREPORTS) and Logistics Planning (DigiPLAN). All our products and integration solutions are 3-tier Application/DB Server / WebServer / WebBrowser deployed over secure connections and are offered also in SaaS to be hosted at the client’s favourite facilities.

Our strategic tools are Java, XML, SQL and all their innovative variants and platforms. We engage in partnership where / when the opportunity justifies in commercial or technical domains.

As a niche player, we take pride in our excellence in support and ability to competitively price our products and services in the market. Our domain and technology expertise is recognized in the industry as well as our efficiency of development and deployment of our software: “We do not build the product at one Customer or Project at a time”, yet we offer customized integration and enhancements to our commercial off the shelf functionality. Some of our customers refer to us anecdotally as “Legacy with legs”.

  For more information please contact:
  AeroSoft Systems Inc. 5945 Airport Rd. Suite 254, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1R9
  Tel: +1 905 678 9564
  Fax: +1 905 678 8269