Exhibitor information: CloudCARDS






CloudCARDS Ltd. Is an asset management company formed in April 2013, based in Shannon, Ireland. Its initial focus was to finalise the development of a software platform to revolutionise the Aircraft Delivery, Re-Delivery & Asset Management process and lower costs for its customers.

Its sister company Civil Aviation Services Limited which was formed in 2007 is providing technical services consultancy to airlines and aircraft leasing companies. It was through this business that a need for an efficient and transparent project management system became clear. After several years of development the software platform CARDS® was finalised.



CARDS®Civil Aircraft Remote Delivery System is a ground breaking software platform designed by CloudCARDS Ltd. to support the technical review and management of aircraft for aircraft delivery / redelivery in addition to indexing and archiving the records online.

CARDS® is a web based software platform, which does not require any software to be downloaded. CARDS® also has a mobile APP for aircraft physical inspection which works offline once signed in and synchronizes with a platform when internet connection is available.

CARDS® also offers a range of planning and project management tools making it all-purpose solution for aircraft asset management.


CARDS® features:

  • Aircraft Physical Inspection Mobile Application
  • Remote Aircraft Records Audit
  • Aircraft Records Continual Update
  • Online Aircraft Records Archiving
  • Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery Project Management Platform
  • Aircraft Project Planning
  • Aircraft Parts and Material Tracking
  • 30 Languages available to users
  • 55 servers Worldwide
  • Banking Grade Online Security for the Aircraft Records
  • Industry Standard Aircraft Records Delivery Book
  • Compatible with any type of Aircraft including Helicopters



The practical advantage of CARDS® is that it engages all parties, not only the party managing the aircraft transition but the MRO, the current aircraft operator and the next aircraft operator. With CARDS® these parties can identify the issues, show how the issues have been addressed, provide substantiation if required and finally, show acceptance that the issues are closed.



CloudCARDS Ltd. is engaged in the technical management of commercial aircraft. This involves the in-depth understanding of aircraft leases from a technical point of view and of the airworthiness regulations. We continuously provide the oversight on the aircraft, prepare the aircraft for transition and manage it through the re-delivery or delivery process for the customer.


  For more information please refer to:
  Website: www.cloudcards.ie
  E-mail: info@cloudcards.ie
  Phone: +353  61  748767 GMT.