Exhibitor information: EXSYN






EXSYN is an Amsterdam based IT Solutions Company for the aviation industry. Our team consists of people with various international backgrounds and one important mission: to develop reliable, simple, and user friendly software and digital technology solutions so that the aviation industry benefits more from digital possibilities. All our activities and solutions are driven by our three main beliefs:

  1. Airlines and MRO’s can be more competitive and efficient if they have a high adoption of software and digital technology solutions in their operation
  2. It is possible to eliminate human induced errors and incidents in aircraft maintenance through continues improvement of digital technologies, systems and software for aircraft maintenance
  3. In our life-time digital technology will outsmart human capabilities and revolutionize air travel and all supporting industries, companies and processes

At EXSYN we build digital solutions with a 'can do mentality', we translate complex requirements and processes of the aviation industry into practical, reliable, simple and user friendly solutions focused on data processing, data visualization and data storage. This has resulted in a solutions platform that allows Airlines and MRO’s to truly unleash the value of data and digital technology. By applying our solutions Airlines and MRO’s are able to operate against lower costs, adhere to the high safety standards of the aviation industry and reduce human induced errors.

EXSYN provides you with solutions such as AVILYTICS, MAX-Q, TITAN, CREATOR and LIFESPAN, that can solve the following issues you face:

  • We need to transform our business to make our aircraft maintenance operation more effective and efficient
  • We need our aircraft data migrated, securely and seamlessly, to our aircraft maintenance system
  • We have a lot of aircraft data and we want to be able to analyse and visualize this data in a simple way to monitor our performance and make decisions instantly
  • We have a lot of data in various aircraft maintenance systems and we need an interface to exchange data easily and seamlessly
  • We would like to buy an aircraft maintenance system but the available systems do not adhere to our needs, thus we need a customised system
  • We need a hosting centre where our data is stored safely with continuous and fast availability

Knowledge and experience build trust. EXSYN has a dynamic and dedicated team of experts who combine IT knowledge with an aviation background. We dedicate ourselves to ensure high quality solutions that are implemented on time, on schedule and within the agreed budget. We continuously find strong synergies between aviation and technology and develop solutions to enable airlines and MRO’s optimize their operations and as such truly EXplore SYNergies between aviation and IT.