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About us: Modern.Work
– The vendor of Logipad 

Since 2002 we have been an EFB service and solution provider. Known as T&A SYSTEME, we re-named our company Modern.Work in 2016. We have since then been developing hardware-independent mobile solution for client standardization and process optimization that pilots use as an ‘Electronic Flight Bag’ in the cockpit, now called Logipad. To ensure consistent improvement and continuous development of EFB in the aviation business, we have a strong partner network. Our EFB partners include CMC Esterline, NavAero, Ultramain, ASQS, Condor Efras, Boeing, Lido, Pelesys, and Vodafone.

Our background in IT business

EFB is more than just an EFB device. It also includes a high-availability IT infrastructure and well-defined IT processes for an error-free and secure data transaction.

We are creating IT-based modern work places and focusing therefore the user with his needs and mobility in the daily business. Modern Work will be realized by the conception and implementation of IT projects using standard technologies of the Microsoft Cloud, Communication and Collaboration stack. Our core competencies are cloud services (private & public) as well as communication and collaboration (portals & UC) with a vast experience and knowledge for more than 20 years.

Being an IT service and solution provider calls for continuous development; we promote this by cooperating with important IT manufacturers. Our strong partners in IT include Microsoft and Dell. As a Microsoft Solution Partner, we are officially allowed to resell Microsoft Surface products.

Our purpose for aviation:
Using the extensive knowledge of IT and Electronic Flight Bag to change the paperwork in your flight process.

Initially a project for our LTU customer, a specialized offer for the aviation sector was created in 2002. Ever since, we have developing the hardware independent mobile solution Logipad. Apart from LTU, our reference customers include Air Astana, Etihad Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, DC Aviation, Aerologic, and Virgin Atlantic Airways. 

Our aim with Logipad:
Optimising flight processes and reducing the mass of paperwork to facilitate an increasingly paperless cockpit.

Logipad as a state‐of‐the‐art EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) management solution guarantees flexible and scalable information handling on the ground and in the air. The implementation of an EFB requires several types of components and products.

Logipad provides an EFB solution supporting most of the customer’s operational information for the flight crew on several device types using multiple types of software, data and communication channels.

Logipad EFB is hardware-independent and works on mobile or installed Windows-based devices as well as on Apple iPad. It is even possible to use different types of devices within one IT infrastructure.