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Novulo: integrated MRO software

Existing MRO software is not able to bring profitability back to aviation MRO. In many organizations people are using risk-prone Excel sheets, Word documents, Access databases and legacy systems to perform their jobs & duties. At the end of the day senior management is lacking the complete picture of daily integral processes. As a result cost effectiveness, efficiency and profitability are at risk.

Aviation MRO needs integrated software that supports all relevant departments, and which is able to fluidly adapt to the everyday changes within the aviation industry.

Novulo software platform meets these requirements and makes the difference in the current world-wide MRO landscape. Our software will drive your results with control, efficiency and complete insight into your MRO operation. From sales to production and from flight-schedules to hangar-production plans.

Our software integrates seamlessly with existing legacy systems such as Mxi, PMI, AMOS, SAP, BAAN, Oracle.

Our component based software platform provides a step-by-step introduction to start with, but we guarantee that you’ll never get stuck in your IT infrastructure.

Thousands of users at KLM, Direct Maintenance, and MAAS already experience the benefits of the Novulo software in their daily practice.

You are welcome to visit us at our booth nr. 49 at the upcoming Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference at the NH Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, 14th & 15th June 2016, where we will show the use of our capabilities in practice, and you have an excellent opportunity to see what we can do for you.