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Since 2010, SAVISCON provides products, consultancy and professional services for the Aviation Industry.  We have profound knowledge in the industry, specifically in maintenance and engineering processes, Technical Documentation and Technical Records management.


Software Services Integration Consulting


Our Software Products:

WARPweb - Webbased Aircraft Records Platform

WARPweb enables for easy and efficient processes to manage aircraft records and documentation throughout operation and aircraft transition.

Beyond the archiving and search facilities WARPweb adds industry leading collaboration, quality and project management features make your transition projects a success.

To bring your records and data into the WARPweb we offer a complete input management environment combined with our EAI and migration engine WARPbridge.

WARPbridge - Enterprise Application Integration Engine

WARPbridge is a stable, mature, scalable and highly configurable enterprise application integration, data migration and data processing engine. You want your M&E System, several DMS Systems and your ERP System being integrated and updating each other in a stable and manageable way.

WARPbridge is designed for those integration tasks. It is utilized also for data migration projects when changing to new ERP or M&E systems, being also capable to help merging and analysing data in real time, which is provided by different legacy applications. The WARPbridge capabilities have been proven already in Big Data environments.

Your IT-operations will love the different options how integration and migration tasks can be managed with the WARPbridge .

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