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WSI is now The Weather Company, an IBM Business

For years, organizations like yours have depended on us for the world’s most accurate and precise weather forecasts. Now, as an IBM Business, we’ll provide you with even more innovative thinking, mission-critical solutions, and essential data and insight than ever before. So you’ll have the confidence to make informed decisions — and take action — in the face of weather.

The Weather Company transforms superior weather into flight safety, efficiency and performance.

9 out of the 10 largest global airlines trust us to make better decisions, keep passengers safer and make their businesses smarter.

Real-time collaboration yields long-term benefits
Our Fusion application is more than tracking or following, and is an integrated dispatch solution.
As soon as there is an issue, you need to know about it. Intelligent alerting prioritizes big-data, making real-time decisions possible.
Fusion is the industry’s most advanced, proactive flight monitored application. It fuses public and proprietary weather information with real-time flight and airspace data into one common view. And, it facilitates timely communication directly with your aircraft. So, you can feel more confident about operational decision-making.
Designed to integrate with existing systems so dispatch, operations, and management can stay aware — and ahead of — changing conditions, as well as mitigate the impact of disruptive events.


Superior weather data and more, directly to the cockpit
Go beyond digital flight releases with our Pilotbrief mobile app for electronic flight bags
Your pilots require the same superior weather and flight information available to dispatchers and ground personnel, if you want to ensure timely and collaborative flight decisions. That’s the value of common situational awareness.
With our Pilotbrief iPad app, pilots and crew can graphically visualize aviation weather, airspace notifications and actual flight plans on one interactive workspace, allowing them to easily evaluate alternatives and make the best pre-flight decisions.
Pilotbrief, delivers the most relevant preflight briefing experience directly to your iPad or web browser. So you can quickly retrieve and sign your flight release, generate your weather briefing and access detailed maps and charts.

  • Pilots can upload, view, sign and comment on Digital Flight Releases (DFRs)

  • Alerting for global lightning and High Ice Water Content (HIWC)

  • Turbulence Automated PIREPS (TAPS) displays objective alerts from recorded turbulence events onboard aircraft

  • Graphical Enroute Hazards with FPG (Flight Plan Guidance) & EFPG charts, SIGMETs, RPM Turbulence, Ozone Flight Plan Guidance, ETOPS Icing

  • Enhanced Convective Package (ECP) brings Volcanic Ash and more into view


Significantly enhance operations — and your customers’ inflight experience

When it comes to weather and aviation, knowledge is power. We’ve served the mission-critical weather needs of air carriers for over 30 years, with the most advanced aviation-specific Forecast Services on the market.

Our aviation specific Global Forecast Center (GFC) within The Weather Company’s Operations Control Center (OCC) delivers mission critical weather data from around the globe to airlines worldwide, producing 26 billon individual forecasts daily. Meteorological insights are drawn from satellites, weather stations, planes, radar, terminal and enroute data, and used to produce HIWC, NOWrad, Global Satellite, NWP models, Global Lightning and other aviation-specific layers.

  • On-site EWINS qualified meteorologists at: American, United and JetBlue Airlines
  • Over 9,000 TAFs and 3,000 briefings created per month