Exhibitor information: topsystem Systemhaus






Since 1995 topsystem has been a specialist in IT solutions for the optimization of processes. The concept of our technologies and software solutions is geared towards supporting our customers in streamlining their industry-specific business processes. The priority objectives here are the effective deployment of personnel and materials, increasing productivity and realizing fast and error-free work processes. The development of our customer systems is based on our openness towards changing market requirements, creativity and the adoption of new trends and technologies.

topsystem is the worldwide technology leader for voice-directed processes in logistics, production and maintenance. topsystem’s maintenance solution Lydia® Service Suite, has been unsurpassed with regards to usability, reliability and user acceptance. The hands-free / eyes-free approach when working with Voice guarantees maximum focus by maintenance staff on the job at hand rather than on ‘breaking off’ to manually review and record actions / inputs. Instead of handling paper lists the workers can now easily document all their work, step by step, by simple voice input.