Exhibitor information: EXSYN






EXSYN Aviation Solutions was founded with the purpose to support and advise airlines and MRO's in adapting their processes to an increasingly digital aviation world. Since EXSYN’s inception the company has grown from a solely consulting business to an aviation IT solution and managed service provider so that airlines and MRO's:

  • Increase efficiency, automation & sustainability
  • Costs, manual data entry & human induced errors 

EXSYN Aviation Solutions is specialized in the field of aircraft data, analytics & processing. We provide user-friendly and innovative aviation IT solutions for aircraft reliability management, predictive maintenance, data processing and offer managed services for data migration, interface design and software implementation management . Next to that we build customized solutions and software tools if off-the-shelf products do not meet the needs and expectations of customers.

We continuously keep up with the latest digital technology to find ways to apply it in the aviation industry and as such truly EXploring SYNergy between aviation and IT. Ever since the inception of EXSYN Aviation Solutions all our activities have been driven by our three main beliefs:

#1.  Airlines can be more competitive and efficient if they have a high adoption of digital technology and solutions in their  operation

#2.  It is possible to eliminate human induced errors and incidents in aircraft maintenance thru continues  improvement of digital technologies, systems and software for aircraft maintenance

#3.  In our life-time digital technology will outsmart human capabilities and revolutionize air travel and all supporting industries, companies and processes

At EXSYN we value and strive for long-term relationships. We view our customers as our partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve measurable results and to develop reliable and innovative aviation IT solutions for them. We have the privilege to work together with well-known flag carriers, regional and cargo airlines.