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We at QOCO Systems believe that great usability in MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) IT systems can lead to significant productivity gains in airline and railway industries.

 We create smarter MRO by offering solutions with consumer-grade user experience by taking advantage of our in-depth understanding of airline operations and MRO IT systems.

 Our smarter MRO solutions minimise the need for manual data processing and enable better analytics for improved operational efficiency. Systems integration & data services complement our solutions portfolio.



The future of cabin defect reporting

 Create high-quality defect reports enriched with key classification information, photos and videos.

 Harness the power of machine learning and voice recognition for fast, easy and accurate data input.


Promote better cabin health awareness to all stakeholders.


Boost to digital airline & MRO

Stop reinventing the wheel with integrations to M&E systems!

MROCloud.io enables rapid development of digital solutions, such as mobile apps, with its well-designed API and reliable backend systems communications.


Well-defined API hides complexity of backend systems and makes app development more straightforward

Secured interfaces allow controlled access to core business data

Notification API helps to keep downstream systems aware of data changes

Data caching reduces access times as well as load to backend systems


End-to-end delivery of solutions to customer specific requirements

Digitalization consulting encompasses data & reporting services, POCs, custom software and integration solutions and more.

We offer our expertise in design and development to your digitalization project.

With our lean development methods you will get benefits fast without compromising quality.