With years of experience in the support of aviation industry, ACFTPERFO has acquired a solid experience in the implementation and management of electronic flight bags and related data’s and software’s.

Tools designed and developed by ACFT PERFO are amongst the best solutions on the market to reduce costs and improve operation process.




ACFTPERFO offers a worldwide airport database compliant with all IR OPS and FAA regulations.

The database, under permanent notam watchout is made available 24/7 via our secured and user friendly website.

We have developed state of the art tools to optimize the engine out routes which guarantee the highest safety standards and allow higher payloads and savings by reducing engine stress.

The database is compliant with all existing formats and our engineers are able to respond to any specific demand.




Real time and powerful performance computation tool (takeoff, landing and weight and balance).

Its design is foreseen to fit any kind of hardware and the ergonomic has been studied to minimize the possibility of a human error.

RTTO can be fully administrated by the airline, meaning that all settings and updates can be managed across the administrator dashboard.

A weight and balance section is included in the software, allowing your company to remain independent from expensive handling contracts in outstations.




Removing unnecessary documents from the flight deck is a need but it is also an opportunity to add enhanced communication processes and guarantees an easier and better “up to date” documentation and information. 

ACFTPERFO has developed a complete EFB suite allowing operators to stay ahead in our rapidly changing environment. 


The administration back office tool is compliant with regulation.




ACFTPERFO Electronic Freight and Loadsheet System is a powerful Weight and Balance Load and Trim software made for airlines and ground handling companies allowing them to quickly prepare a full range of operational weight and balance tasks, fulfilling IATA standards. 


With a user friendly graphical interface, the system administrator can easily customize the company’s settings. 


Through the close relationship with our customers, ACFTPERFO is not only a software supplier but we act as a partner to assist the needs and possible the growth of an airline.

Our products are in continuous evolution in order to adapt to new regulations or practices in this rapidly changing business.

We use our expertise to help the customer and our commitment is always to find the best solution for any challenge an airline could face.

On top of the EFB suite, we have developed several tools which are drastically improving business efficiency allowing our customers to remain one step ahead of their competitors.

ACFTPERFO is also willing to analyze any project quickly and propose fitting solutions.


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