Airbus is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military airlifters, having evolved during the past 40 years on the vision, innovation and passion of its employees.
New: Airbus Smarter Fleet Solutions powered by IBM
Airbus Smarter Fleet is a partnership between the world leaders in aircraft manufacturing and IT. Herein Airbus and IBM combine their expertise and capabilities to provide an open, modular and flexible platform, in order to support the airlines’ increasing needs for data gathering, data value extraction and a cross domain collaboration.

e-Solutions for Flight Operations 
Airbus has developed a wide range of e-solutions for your flight operations covering domains such as Safety and SMS requirements, Flight and Fuel Efficiency, Electronic Flight Bag, Digital management of documentation.

Our software and services:
FlySmart with Airbus: To manage flight ops doc & optimize performance calculation on A/L EFB (Electronic Flight Bag Class 1,2,3).
eFF: electronic Flight Folder is a comprehensive Electronic Flight Bag software application which allows pilots to access their briefing package on-board the aircraft and also from home, hotel, or crew briefing room.
ADOC Web Ft Ops: ADOC is a documentation management software that allows airlines to customize, revise and publish their flight ops or maintenance engineering documentation.
CrossLogbook: Digital version of the paper logbook. It aims to log aircraft defects and to record associated maintenance activities. It can be used on all aircraft types (Airbus and non-Airbus aircraft).
AirFASE: Aircraft Flight Analysis and Safety Explorer (AirFASE) is a comprehensive software for flight data analysis meeting most demanding Authorities requirements. AirFASE is a multi-fleet tool.
SAMS: SAMS (Safety Assessment & Management System) is a global reporting platform gathering various sources of data for airlines’ Safety Management System (SMS).
Ops ANALYTICS: The future on-line solution to leverage aircraft data for a best-in-class post-flight analysis.