At Arconics we specialise in aircraft mobile applications for pilots, cabin crew and passengers. Our apps make flying safer and more efficient, while entertaining passengers and opening new service and revenue opportunities for airlines. Arconics delivers IFE, EFB and cabin management systems on a unified open software architecture that works across all mobile and avionic platforms.



AeroDocs is an integrated suite of EFB apps that provide completely centralised management, end-to-end security, smart re-use and sharing of data across modules, and rapid access to the right information for flight crew and ground staff. AeroDocs supports leaner, more efficient airline operations, greater real-time situational awareness and better long-term business intelligence. .





PaxApp gives cabin crew access to all of the information they need to serve passengers better, and provide timely information to any of the airline’s existing ground systems. Flight attendants can use PaxApp to instantly search, view manifests, passenger profiles, meal preferences, special requirements and loyalty status. When delays or other service incidents inevitably occur, PaxApp gives crew the tools and information that they need to recover the situation quickly, and deliver exceptional service..




CloudStore is a complete passenger-engagement, commerce, and mobile entertainment platform. It puts control of content, service delivery and commercial strategy firmly in the hands of the airline. With CloudStore’s centralised content management portal it’s easy to select, configure and target information, entertainment, promotional items and retail offerings by origin or destination, by audience, route or on a cross-fleet basis. Airlines can seamlessly publish personalised content to passenger’s smartphone or tablet devices (Android or iOS) whether at the point of booking, whilst onboard, at arrival or beyond the destination point..


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