AvioVision is a young Belgian company created to bring innovative solutions to common problems identified in mission-critical industries, such as aviation. With AVIOBOOK® EFB our company wants to put the next generation Electronic Flight Bag software solution in the market.


With an extensive aviation background, both as pilots and management executives, the founders of AvioVision have experienced the burden of keeping essential information up to date, looking for dispersed information in sometimes critical situations in the cockpit and the difficulties of communication between the airline’s back-office and its pilots worldwide.


With the AVIOBOOK®EFB we are replacing the increasingly complex paper procedures with the safety and efficiency of a comprehensive electronic tool, having following key characteristics:



The user interface has been co-developed with the Center of User Experience of the University of Leuven, Belgium. Detailed attention has been given to the design of the screens, buttons, easiness to use in a touch screen environment and the consistency in the workflow throughout the different modules.



Smart presentation of data, dynamic search functions and the possibility to create bookmarks will increase the pilot’s availability for more essential duties in the cockpit.



Increased safety is achieved by always assuring up to date information, by sharing data between all modules, by filtering data in a protected user environment and by intelligent guarding the different calculations.


The near real time transfer of data will feed your business intelligence systems in an efficient, fast and error-free way.


Additionally, we have made sure that the architecture behind the AVIOBOOK® software solution is robust and guarantees end-to-end data integrity. It allows our customers to seamlessly integrate our product with their back-office systems.


Our software can be used as class 1 or class 2 or a combination of both, and is hardware independent. Identical versions are available for both Windows and iPad platforms.


We have now 11 MODULES available: Framework with Crew Notifications, Library, Reports, Weight & Balance, Briefing, Operational Flight Plan, T/O Performance, Charts, Load Planning, Globe and Tools. Any number of these modules can be selected by the customer to build their own EFB solution.


The AVIOBOOK® comes with an extensive ground management tool, called the AVIOBOOK® BASE, that allows to administer and update the users, their qualifications, the fleet, the devices and the EFB content.


Back-office personnel can easily send Notifications, answer reports and monitor crew actions on flight information (e.g. fuel revisions) via this web-based tool.


Pilots can read Notifications, consult the Library, finalize Reports and preview Flight information (Briefing and OFP) via the Pilot Portal. The Pilot Portal is web-based and therefore available on any platform: tablet, PC, desktop, iPad, Android, … .


Besides offering an EFB platform, AvioVision also assists its customers with a series of professional services related to the adoption of an EFB platform together with support for Training and for the Operational Approval of the Authorities.


Please visit our website www.aviobook.aero for more information.