Conduce is a leading provider of mobility solutions to the aviation and other related industry sectors.  Our staff have over 30 years’ experience in the industry, so Conduce is ideally placed to provide true mobile solutions that are fit for purpose and work!!!



eTechLog8 : an electronic replacement for an aircraft paper based technical log/log book. Operating on a range of mobile devices, from ToughBook to ToughPad and various other tablet devices, capturing aircraft flight and technical data including flight sectors, Line Defects & OOP maintenance items, allowing remote fleet management by Maintrol.  The data is transmitted wirelessly via a range of means to the Airlines Maintenance Operations Control Centre’s allowing an airline real time Fleet monitoring and control. 

eTechLog8 features include: accessible data throughout the organisation; fleet airworthiness monitoring; defect (deferred and repetitive) management and OOP maintenance management; MEL and operational limitations control; fuel uplift management for invoice reconciliation and emissions reporting; multiple data transmission giving near real time information; CRS sign off;



eCabinLog8 : is a companion application for use by the Cabin Crew to record cabin and other potentially non-airworthiness defects that have been identified during a flight.  eCabinLog8 is seamlessly integrated with eTechLog8 enabling captured defects to be forwarded from the cabin device to the flight crew eTechLog8 master device which is usually located in the cockpit. The solution removes the paper based solutions currently on-board the aircraft and allows for comprehensive and efficient management of cabin defects whether they be of an airworthiness or non-airworthiness nature.  With the ability to take a photograph of the defect along with the location both review and rectification of the defect become simplified.  Use of eCabinLog8 significantly reduces the possibility of an airworthiness cabin defect being  over-looked following completion of a flight sector.  Cabin defects for the completed sector will be presented on the eTechLog8 master device at the end of the flight sector thus ensuring full review by the Flight Crew.


Bespoke software Development

Conduce specialise in producing custom and niche software. We are expert at developing new software from scratch and building add-ins for existing applications. We are adaptable to almost any platform and have dedicated skills in development for .NET, Windows 8 touch, iOS and Android.  We have recently developed applications for iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 Touch, web applications that are standalone or part of a broader software environment.  Whether you need enterprise level bespoke software to support critical business functions or have smaller requirements to fill the needs your existing software cannot then we can help.