PACE, with offices in Germany and the US, develops and distributes software applications for aircraft and engine manufacturers, civil and military operators, maintenance services and leasing companies. A wide- range of turn-key and bespoke solutions helps to optimize key aspects of customers’ business processes, from marketing and design to customization and operations:


Operational Efficiency Management Solutions

PACE’s growing suite of operational efficiency management solutions is based on the ability to determine the most cost-efficient, or ECON, trajectory for a specific set of flight conditions, which then serves as a point of reference for economic decisions on board as well as statistical analysis on the ground.


For operators of larger aircraft, the Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer complements the functional scope of current on-board technology and, in combination with the flight management system, offers significantly higher fuel-saving potential than the FMS alone: Calculations with the Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer are based on the best available performance data (first-principles data) and live WX and aircraft data. Automatically recalculating ECON speeds and altitudes every time flight conditions change, the software continuously determines the most cost-efficient flight trajectory for the remaining route to destination and supplies an adjusted cost index which can be fed to the FMS. Constraints provided with the briefing package including scheduled in-block time, RVSM airspaces and available flight levels are respected automatically. With the ECON trajectory as a reference, the Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer is able to pinpoint the available cost savings potential for every instant of the flight, giving concise information about fuel burn, overall cost and delay; the latter provides additional support for managing on-time performance.


Short-haul aircraft, whose FMS lack the built-in CI capability of modern Airbus and Boeing aircraft, can conduct cost index operations with Pacelab CI OPS. The software supplies variable speed schedules for CI-optimized flight planning and allows flight crews to recalculate ECON whenever flight conditions change en route, taking into account CI, SIBT, CG, wind, DISA, GW, and other key parameters.


The live aircraft data used in ECON calculations as well as other user-definable operational parameters (from ARINC buses 429 and 717) can also be recorded with the Pacelab EFB Flight Data Recorder for later review, which, by leveraging existing IT infrastructure on board, is a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive hardware data recorders.


Aircraft Performance Solutions


Our performance analysis solutions offer invaluable support for technically and economically assessing aircraft in realistic operational settings:


Pacelab Mission supports the strategic planning of route networks, the optimization of vertical flight profiles and rapid fuel forecasting for long-term economic planning with a comprehensive set of calculation features from wind-effected range circles to decision-point procedures.


Pacelab SCAP is a highly flexible calling program for takeoff and landing SCAP modules. It calculates regulated takeoff and landing weights, V speeds and flap settings and generates runway weight charts to airline-specific reporting requirements.