Sagem, with a high-level expertise in data analysis and flight operations, propose an innovative range of world-class services called Cassiopee, dedicated to Airlines, Business Aviation and Helicopter operators. Cassiopee is designed to meet three main challenges facing today’s aircraft operators: earn and maintain certification, keep your aircraft in the air, and reduce costs. It reflects our long-standing expertise in flight data monitoring & strategies for greater fuel efficiency and much more.


Designed to facilitate fleet management and analyze flight parameters, Sagem's Cassiopee allows customers to optimize their costs, by increasing flight safety and reducing risks.


Cassiopee Flight Data Monitoring offers a regulatory-compliant web-based service. It is powered by Sagem's Analysis Ground Station software. Both are used by more than 160 airlines in the entire world.


Cassiopée is not just a collection of software: it’s a comprehensive solution that calls on Sagem’s proven know-how to give you top-flight services tailored to your exact needs.

The WEFA Wireless Extension for ACMS of Sagem allows Airlines to manage all the data of every flight at distance, by an internet secured connection.  It answers the new needs for the air transport, improving the safety of flights.

Sagem and Snecma introduced a new SFCO2 service to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. We issue recommendations to improve your flight operations, using benefits from SAFRAN group expertize.

More than just fuel efficiency, Snecma and Sagem’s new SFCO2™ package addresses costs from a comprehensive standpoint. We integrate all aspects – maintenance, flight operations, ground operations, etc. – to really bring your costs under control. We don’t just issue recommendations; we also support you all the way in applying new practices and locking in your savings!


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