Ultramain Systems, Inc. designs, develops and implements best-in-class electronic logbook (ELB) software. efbTechLogs™ is easy-to-use ELB software that operates on Class 1, 2 and 3 EFB and mobile devices. efbTechLogs is approved for paperless use at airlines worldwide, and offers numerous benefits including assisted electronic cockpit and cabin fault reporting, electronic sign-offs, and immediate maintenance action recording. eCabin is electronic cabin log and onboard passenger information software that can fully replace the paper cabin log, and offers the same benefits for the cabin that efbTechLogs does for the cockpit.

Additionally, Ultramain Systems is offering a new service, ULTRAMAIN® efbSolutions™, designed to assist airlines in achieving paperless cockpit certification. Stop by booth E31 to learn how we can help you get a jump start on your EFB program. While you’re there, ask to see a demonstration of efbTechLogs and eCabin on mobile devices.

ULTRAMAIN MRO/M&E software fully integrates with efbTechLogs, and together these tools can take your organization paperless. Come talk to us and let us show you how our ULTRAMAIN and our team of experts can help you reduce costs, increase profitability, and transform your organization to a paperless operation.

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USI is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA and Dublin, Ireland, with other offices located around the world.

Come see us anytime at www.ultramain.com, or give us a call: +1 (505) 828-9000.