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SITAONAIR sets the benchmark for true e-aircraft nose-to-tail solutions, providing the complete range of products and services an airline needs to realize the full potential of the connected aircraft. Its solutions enable airlines to personalize the passenger experience, streamline cabin and cockpit operations, and optimize maintenance procedures.

Digitize your airline to improve operational efficiency by providing up-to-date information and enabling real-time communication between pilots, cabin crew & dispatch teams can drive new levels of operational efficiency & customer service. SITAONAIR’s comprehensive and multisource flight tracking with automated alerting allows the airline not only to meet existing and expected mandates, but also make better operational decisions, saving fuel and time whilst enabling awareness of aircraft & ATC dialogue.

SITAONAIR was launched on 1 January 2015 as part of the SITA Group. We have 400 airline customers operating over 14,000 aircraft, and 80% of the of the world’s airlines use SITAONAIR AIRCOM® to connect every resource, from pilots to ATC. It is headquartered in Geneva, and has offices in London, Montreal, Atlanta and Singapore, with more than 280 staff worldwide.

Please visit us at Booth E2 to find out more on SITAONAIRs true Nose-to-Tail solutions offering.  

SITAONAIR - Pioneering seamless e-Aircraft solutions across your entire fleet

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