Exhibitor information: Safety Line






Safety Line is an innovative company, specialized in data management software solutions for aviation. With a team of highly experienced aviation experts (including former BEA investigators), data scientists and IT specialists, Safety Line is in a position to propose an extensive range of products able to match the world’s issues challenges in air transport.


Fuel savings through the use of Big Data:
OptiClimb is a service that aims at reducing the fuel consumption by adapting the climb profile through the use of flight data.

Focus on the climb phase:
Although fuel consumption during climb is at its highest, this phase is largely ignored by fuel conservation programs. It is the first time that such an approach is proposed.
Each flight is unique:
For each aircraft, data are used to build a fine tuned model that allows to optimize the climb phase. Before each flight, a tailored optimization is performed, using a few specific parameters and a patented algorithm provides an adapted climb profile that optimizes fuel consumption.

Fits with any other fuel saving solution: 
OptiClimb can be included in every dashboard that is already in place in a company. 

How much fuel?

Transavia France, the launch airline, saves 10% of the fuel used during climb (around 100 kg for each flight).


A Software for Safety and Compliance Management:
SafetyCube allows to comply with the safety and regulatory standards while adapting to the different policies. By structuring the feedback data, SafetyCube brings a new complete visibility on the risks and effectiveness of the defenses implemented by the company.

Compliant with new European Regulation 376/2014: 

The EU regulation related to occurrence reporting in civil aviation stipulate that data must be transmitted to the Authority in a format compatible with the ECCAIRS software and the ADREP taxonomy. SafetyCube is compliant with this EU regulation and will help to save considerable time. 

A dynamic BowTie: Safety Line chose the BowTie to reduce risks through categorization of information and prioritization of actions.


Next generation FDM / FOQA:
FDM has not changed since it was introduced 30 years go. FlightScanner is an improved service based on the risks and focuses on underlying causes while highlighting the relevant parameters to be analyzed.

Big Data Analytics: 
Where FDM is looking at each flight independently, with fixed thresholds, FlightScanner compares thousands of flights automatically to extract key parameters that explain the risks.


Face airport safety and capacity issues:
Air transport will increase by 5% every year during the next 15 years. AirsideWatch enables airports to anticipate those issues before it is too late.

Using Radar Data: 

AirsideWatch provides Air Traffic Controller, Pilots and Airport Operators with objective, accurate and up-to-date information on the braking condition of the runway. All the sensors of the airport are used in order to compare theory and practice.

Compliant with TALPA: 
By applying Statistical and Machine Learning to the existing model, AirsideWatch enables airports to benefit from an accurate and reliable TALPA index number.

-    Demonstrations of Safety Line solutions will take place at booth E31    -