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Exhibitor's Information: InfoTrust Group


Lead Sponsor
Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference - AMERICAS

19th and 20th March 2013, Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel
Miami, FL, USA

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InfoTrust Group

Aerospace Solutions and Services


InfoTrust Group provides information management solutions and services for global organizations and Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, defense, high-tech, and other industries.


For more than 25 years, we have helped operators, OEMs, and MROs meet their technical information management requirements for maintenance, engineering, and flight operations with the highest quality, fastest turnaround, and lowest possible cost.


Our TechSight/X® suite of products is in production at many of the largest airlines and OEMs around the world, while InfoTrust Group outsourced services help to increase the efficiency of authoring, managing, and processing customer data to keep it timely, accurate, and compliant.

InfoTrust Group is Proud To:
  • Be the leading independent vendor of technical information management solutions and services that support both existing and new-generation aircraft; incorporate the latest information exchange standards; and support all of the delivery channels end users expect.
  • Deliver aerospace solutions and services that support the way airlines, OEMs, and MROs work, providing the most comprehensive capabilities to meet today’s requirements for technical information management.
  • Employ hundreds of the most seasoned experts from the aerospace industry with deep domain knowledge dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions backed by outstanding customer service and support that is unmatched in the industry today.

Specialized Solutions for Aerospace
Airline Operators
rely on InfoTrust Group’s TechSight/X suite of products and our Technical Operations, Engineering, and Conversion services to maintain up-to-date and accurate maintenance, engineering, and flight operations information. This helps operators ensure that maintenance technicians, pilots, and other consumers of information can operate mixed fleets with optimal performance while adhering to the most stringent regulatory requirements.


Original Equipment Manufacturers depend on InfoTrust Group solutions to better manage evolving (and often concurrent) requirements for information exchange using standards such as ATA iSpec 2200, Spec 2300, and S1000D. By flexibly supporting a wide array of standards and delivery channels from portals to the iPad, the TechSight/X suite of products makes it possible for even the largest OEMs to efficiently author, manage, and distribute technical information across the entire customer and supplier ecosystem.


Publication Services

InfoTrust Group offers authoring, COC, revision, data conversion, and manuals consolidation services. Our industry-experienced authors, analysts, and engineers provide OEM, military, and airline data management services that leverage technology from the TechSight/X suite for unprecedented accuracy and cost effectiveness. Our ISO9001 certified quality system demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality and is the foundation of its program implementations.  


Come and visit us at Stand E13!