Exhibitor Information: Hexaware



Hexaware is your trusted IT partner for end-to-end transformation services to the MRO industry. Hexaware’s MRO IT service is part of Global Travel and Transportation practice with over 1200+ consultants working closely with world's leading travel and transportation customers. Catering to 3 out of Top 10 airlines in the world, Hexaware is one of the fastest growing IT services organizations with key focus on Travel & Transportation Industry, and had crossed revenues of USD 422 Mn for Financial year 2014.

Hexaware's MRO practice leverages its experience to create tools and services which helps its customers in efficient migration to newer M&E Systems, implementing industry specific Data Warehouses and Analytics as well as Independent Application Testing Suites.

Hexaware’s Digital MRO Suite of offerings include:

  • MRO Analytics including more than 50+ Industry specific KPIs with prebuilt Dashboards and Reports
  • Data Migration Suite to ease your challenges in migrating to newer systems with specific Accelerators for ETL and mapping.
  • Test Suite for functional Testing of your M & E Applications.
  • Mobility & Wearable technology for workforce enablement
  • Inventory Optimization of your spare parts with advanced analytics
  • BPO Services for Technical Records Digitization and Management.

For more information, please visit our website: www.hexaware.com