Exhibitor Information: IDMR




IDMR is a global provider of easy to use and all-encompassing Technical Documentation Management Solutions which have been designed exclusively for Fleet operators, MRO providers and OEM organizations. IDMR’s Technical Documentation Management Solutions have proven success in increasing operational performance and decreasing operational cost while insuring airworthiness, safety and regulatory compliance at multiple airlines such as Atlas Air, Polar Air, JetBlue and World Airways among others.


Technical documents, which are constantly changing, are the primary source of aircraft, engine and component reference information. On-going revisions and updates by manufacturers, vendors and airline personnel add more complexity in controlling these documents. Failing to follow manufacturers’, vendors’ and regulatory agencies’ approved maintenance repair and overhaul procedures can result in poor quality or worse, non-compliance fines. Without a centralized approach to Technical Documentation Management, information documents are usually stored in multiple places and version control is lacking. In many cases different automated tools are used to create and maintain proper record keeping, creating a process that is extremely time consuming and in some cases inaccurate.