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Volartec is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in the aviation industry. Specialized in the development and implementation of world-class software systems, Volartec provides agile and flexible solutions to improve the performance of the maintenance operations for companies of any size. With more than 10 years’ experience in the aviation industry and made up of IT specialists and maintenance aviation professionals, Volartec assures a successful combination of professionalism and experience.

Nowadays, Volartec -an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 90003 certified company- is the undisputed leader in MRO software solutions in Latin America and one of the main leading players in the global market.


Alkym® / Management and Control System for Aircraft Maintenance

Alkym® is the Volartec primary main software solution. Specially designed to improve Airlines Technical and  MRO operations performance, Alkym® is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective software solutions available in the market today.

Alkym® is a completely integrated software solution which includes, among others, the following modules and tools:


  ► Maintenance Control
  ► Planning
  ► Engineering
  ► Reliability
  ► Production Kiosk
  ► Work Shop
► Purchasing & Repairs
► Inventory
► Receiving & Shipping
► Sales
► Technical Library
► System Configuration
► Human Resources
► MRO Management
► Quality Assurance
► Alkym® M-Transfer
► Alkym® M-Files

All the modules can be used as standalone products; however, when more than one module is used the data is entered only once and then it is made available to the others thanks to the tight integration between them.

Alkym® is not only the most affordable MRO software solution currently available but also the best option in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Alkym can be licensed or leased facilitating the adoption of world-class software to companies of any size.


Volartec Implementation Service

Volartec applies a unique implementation methodology based on the best industry and project management practices.

Software implementations are carried out by highly-qualified professional teams which consist of engineers, processes analysts, and IT specialists in aeronautical maintenance who assure a successful implementation project.

Thanks to a repetitive and solid implementation methodology, and in spite of the fact that each implementation project is unique and project timeframes may significantly differ, Alkym’s implementations take only between 5 and 8 weeks on average.


Volartec Customer Support Service

Volartec Customer Support Service goes beyond traditional support, maximizing the value of the customer’s investment and providing a strategic service relationship focused on a long-term success.

Customized solutions, proactive support, software updates, system performance analysis, personalized assistance, among other activities help customers better leverage their existing resources and deliver more value to their business.


More Information

To know more about Volartec, Alkym® or another specific Volartec IT solution for the aviation industry please visit our web site www.volartec.aero or contact us via e-mail at mkt@volartec.aero