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ARMS® V2 – Aviation Resource Management System

Sheorey Digital Systems Pvt Ltd. (SDS) brings you ARMS® - Version 2. A current-generation, state-of-the-art Information Technology System which effectively addresses the extremely critical and cost-sensitive nature of Commercial Airlines/Air Transport operations.

Unified Database
The ARMS® V2 InfoTech Suite is the only solution in the industry capable of seamlessly integrating all of the functional and operational areas of an airline or air transport operator with a unified database; i.e. a single repository of data with which all ARMS® modules interact. This ensures you spend more time managing your airline efficiently and less time collating, integrating and processing data.

Robust, Versatile, Accessible and Cost-effective
ARMS® V2 InfoTech Suite is based on the Cloud and takes full advantage of proven, secure and low-cost communications technologies. Users can interact with ARMS® V2 via a variety of methods such as the Internet, smart phone, tablet or other unified communications device. The suite is designed for non-stop 24x7 operations, across all time zones, and is a robust, proven and cost-effective, modular and scalable solution.

ARMS® V2 helps you

  • Reduce your direct operating and administration costs - become ‘lean and green’
  • Improve safety and more easily achieve statutory compliance
  • Operate with an agile, motivated and well-coordinated workforce
  • Harmonize Operations, M&E and MRO functions
  • Forward-plan with far higher degrees of predictability and better cope with disruptions

What does ARMS® V2 include?
The ARMS® V2 InfoTech Suite comprises 13 sub-systems, with more under development, which are highly customizable and easy to fit around your operational requirements. They are:

  1. Commercial Planning (CPSS)
  2. Flight Operations (FOSS)
  3. Crew Management (CMSS)
  4. Flight Planning & Dispatch (FPDS)
  5. Engineering & Maintenance (EMSS)
  6. Logistics & Inventory Management (LIMS)
  7. Heavy MRO (HMRO)
  8. Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis (FDMA)
  9. Fuel Consumption Analysis MIS (FCAM)
  10. Safety & Quality Management (SQMS)
  11. Integrated Training Management (ITMS)
  12. InfoPrompt® Integrated Document Management (IDMS)
  13. ARMS® Mobility Solutions

In addition, ARMS® V2 features a number of Operations Research (OR) based ‘Optimizers’ which automatically present optimum solutions for any given plan or schedule and greatly simplify the handling of disruptions.

ARMS® V2 Optimizers include:

  • Aircraft Routing Optimizer (for use with ARMS® Commercial Planning)
  • Tail Assignment Optimizer (for use with ARMS® Flight Operations)
  • Crew Trips Optimizer (for use with ARMS® Crew Management)

ARMS® Mobility Solutions
The latest offering within ARMS® V2 is the Mobility Solutions suite comprising of a wide spectrum of applications designed for latest generation Tablets and Smart Phone devices. The Mobility Solutions suite currently offers:

  • ARMS® on the TAB™ - EFB/ ETL Solution on Tablet devices
  • ARMS® on the TAB™ - IFSM Cabin Crew Solution (In-flight Sales Management module) on Tablet devices
  • ARMS® on Mobile™- Crew Sync App on Smart Phone devices 

For product demonstrations and more information write to us at: contact@sds.co.in