Exhibitor information: Safran







A leading international high-technology group, Safran develops, produces and sells engines and propulsion systems for civil and military fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, as well as a wide range of aircraft equipment. Our wide range of engines and systems is anchored in proven technological skills and expertise, and the use of innovative materials.

In addition to their respective products, Safran Aircraft Engines and Safran Electronics & Defense offer airlines comprehensive engineering and flight safety management services. In particular, the two companies offer a smart fuel efficiency service, dubbed SFCO2®. This service allows operators to reduce their operating costs – 25% of which are related to fuel bills – by optimizing the operation of their aircraft.

SFCO2® addresses a strong demand from airlines for better cost management, by identifying potential savings based on more efficient management of their operations.

Safran Electronics & Defense brings to the table its long experience in flight data analysis, while Safran Aircraft Engines contributes its engine OEM expertise and long-standing contacts with operators.