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EDI is the #1 Global partner for IBM’s Maximo for Aviation solution. Over the last 19 years, we have built long term partnerships with clients around the world. EDI works with both 121 Operators and Part 145 Shop ensuring they meet regulatory requirements while driving operational excellence.

IBM’s pedigree in Aviation & Aerospace traces back to landing the first two astronauts on the Moon in July of 1969. Today, IBM continues to be an integral part in the A&D industry covering MRO, Airworthiness, Rotary-Wing and Fixed-Wing clients. With more than 3 decades of industry experience and input from current customers including 11 of the 12 major A&D OEM’s, Maximo for Aviation is the latest answer in the race to outpace stagnant technology.

IBM Maximo-for-Aviation (MfA) is built on the worlds #1 rated M&E/MRO solution for the last 20 years. MfA has an open architecture with over 200 API’s to integrate with any external systems or databases.  It also is a flexible, highly-configurable, enterprise class solution with rich Off-The-Shelf (OTS) functionality. MfA is designed specifically to manage aviation assets with comprehensive scheduling, airworthiness checks, configuration management, inventory, lease returns and version controls up to and including field loadable software. The MfA product Suite includes:


MfA is a fully scalable, modular solution that allows clients to roll out new sites, processes and functionality at their own pace with no need to purchase additional modules or pay for customizations. MfA deploys in the Cloud, on-premise or as SaaS.  The core of MfA includes Flight Log Book, Material Management, Maintenance, Planning, and Engineering.

Flight Log Book- through the creation and management of records and logs, MfA’s FLB/EFB drives accurate data transfer between ground and aircraft streamlining decision making and operational efficiencies.

Material Management- Precise inventory management includes real time insight to supply usage and trends while mitigating risk to asset inventory status.

  • Turnover and obsolete parts returns/credits
  • Warehouse management including inbound and outbound processing and logistics.
  • Purchasing, receipts, inspections and vendor payments, interval based or meter based purchasing, with direct and indirect purchasing performance monitoring.
  • Manage inventory including shared pooled inventory, part number master, equipment data and spares list.
  • Contract management and billing, including managing pooled resources, detailed and accurate billing with a review and approval, and SLA penalty fee billing in support of strategic sourcing and contracting.

Maintenance- Comprehensive management across all asset classes, resources and areas.

  • Manage labor, skills, qualifications and training.
  • Support planned and unplanned maintenance activities for rotables
  • Integrated visibility to required Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and proactive component replacement
  • Warranty tracking to ensure all asset warranties are optimized

Planning and Scheduling- MfA provides advanced graphical planning and scheduling for ALL locations and resources in a SINGLE graphical screen.

  • Complete aircraft hierarchical graphic view of planned and forecasted work
  • Costing of Activities based on planned and unplanned work.
  • Graphically view and assign work load to hangar and all aircraft in each bay, matching to available resources.
  • Graphically plan the aircraft maintenance work to ensure that the hangar and bays are used to full capacity with the correct capabilities.
  • Review daily readiness of labor and tools of hangars.


  • Operator Maintenance Program: from MPD to Task Cards
  • Technical Publication management for AD, SB, EO etc.
  • Aircraft and equipment maintenance history
  • Structural, Damage and Repair
  • Regulatory Compliance Management and more

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