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The aviation industry is in the midst of a new information age. By 2030, the number of active air transport and business aircraft is expected to grow to nearly 85,000 – with 80 percent of those equipped with new information-enabled systems. Beyond the aircraft, cutting-edge innovations are creating faster and more secure air and ground networks and more streamlined airline and airport operations. These developments are making a seamless, secure and integrated aviation ecosphere a reality.


At Rockwell Collins, we’ve been working to meet and exceed the needs and possibilities we see ahead in the information age. That has required investments in a robust portfolio of systems and services, from our information-enabled avionics and cabin systems to our global communications networks and services and airport information solutions. And it’s leading us down exciting new paths, developing applications and services that leverage that global portfolio to bring new value to our customers by improving safety, maintenance, flight operations and more.


We also have a vision for the future of our industry, powered by the seamless and secure flow of information:

  • Intuitive, information-enabled flight decks and aircraft that use data from on-board and external sources to provide new levels of analysis and awareness for pilots, airlines and manufacturers
  • Cabin solutions that change the paradigm from passenger entertainment to passenger engagement while helping airlines achieve their goals
  • Airport operations that streamline passenger processing, increase efficiencies and enhance revenue
  • A robust and flexible network that pairs bandwidth to manage information across the aviation ecosphere with the necessary security to keep our passengers and our airspace safe
  • A future airspace that leverages the flow of shared information to address the congestion of today with a new model of aircraft and airspace management

Aviation’s information age is upon us, and the potential to transform the industry is tremendous, from streamlining the journey of a single passenger through an airport to more efficiently managing a whole airspace of flights every day.


To accomplish this transformation, information management – seamless, optimized and secure – is essential. That doesn’t mean simply raw data, but actionable information, analysis and applications, delivered at the right time to the right resources.


Rockwell Collins is investing in the elements to help our industry take on that challenge. But even with a portfolio that reaches across the aviation ecosphere, we recognize that harnessing the power of aviation’s information age requires the understanding and input of all the communities involved, from airlines and pilots to airports to agencies and even passengers and partners.


To learn more about what we’re thinking, download our e-Book “Harnessing the power of aviation’s information age”