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SITAONAIR is the e-Aircraft nose-to-tail solution line, providing the complete range of products and services an airline needs to realize the full potential of the connected aircraft. Its solutions enable airlines to personalize the passenger experience, streamline cabin and cockpit operations, and optimize maintenance procedures.

SITAONAIR looks at the big picture of how digitization is enabling airlines to benefit from connectivity. Its aim is to bring together its six key audiences – Passengers, Cabin crew, Cockpit crew, Aircraft data and maintenance, Flight operations, Air traffic control to transform the passenger experience and revolutionize airline operations.

SITAONAIR was launched on 1 January 2015 as part of the SITA Group. It has nearly 400 airline customers operating over 14,000 aircraft. It is headquartered in Geneva, and has offices in London, Paris, Montreal, Dubai Atlanta and Singapore, with 270 staff worldwide.

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