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Real Internet at Altitude – The Only Service Passengers Want 

In the air and on the ground, everyone wants to stay connected and entertained. ViaSat has reinvented in-flight entertainment with the only service that gives all passengers freedom to stream movies, music, sports, live TV, and more regardless of how many connect. With passenger take rates 4 times higher than other services, we’re enabling partnerships with premier content providers, increasing revenue opportunities from advertisers and sponsors, and allowing for flexible and sustainable airline business models.

Now well established in the U.S. on JetBlue, United Airlines, and Virgin America reaching nearly 1 million passengers per month, ViaSat in-flight internet is coming soon to EL AL Airlines and Qantas Airways.

Bandwidth For All – The Satellite Makes the Difference

To deliver this highly differentiated level of service to every passenger on the plane and every plane in the airspace, we need a lot of affordable network bandwidth. That’s the challenge we’re solving. ViaSat already has the world’s highest capacity satellite and is the only provider with a path to build an ultra-high capacity satellite network worldwide:

  • Today, service is delivered over the U.S. and Europe through a pioneering agreement between ViaSat and Eutelsat to enable service access and roaming on each other’s high-capacity satellite networks. The agreement will soon bring the same experience already delivered in the U.S. to Europe on EL AL, the first international airline committed to the ViaSat service.
  • The launch of ViaSat-2 in 2017 will expand coverage across North and Central American, Caribbean, and trans-Atlantic routes and offers new system capabilities to shift satellite capacity where and when it’s needed, maximizing network efficiency and bandwidth economics.
  • Beginning in 2019, the ViaSat-3 constellation of ultra-high-capacity satellites will secure our leadership position as the only truly global broadband service provider; together, the 3 satellites will deliver over 3 Tbps of network bandwidth.

Discover the difference and deliver the real internet at altitude. 

Exede In The Air Advantages

  • Fastest in-flight Internet connection speeds of 12 Mbps or higher to the passenger.
  • Service level agreement provides the greatest value to airlines.
  • Highly-differentiated internet experience to attract passengers and build loyalty for added services.
  • Low operating expenses and cost-e¬ffective equipment means high return for airlines.
  • Airline controlled retail service packaging and pricing.
  • Supports high-bandwidth crew and operations applications.

See the ViaSat presentation at Aircraft eEnablement

Speaker: Bill Sullivan, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, Enterprise Services at ViaSat, Inc.

Topic: Same Internet, Different Altitudes

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 9:30 a.m.

Learn more at: www.viasat.com/commercial-aviation