Exhibitor information: iJet Technologies







iJet Technologies is a software company focused on real-time data access and analytic solutions for the air transport market.

Traditionally, aircraft data has lived in the realm of avionics and other closed systems. Those days are over. Broadband IP connectivity, general purpose servers, Aircraft Interface Devices (AID’s), and Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s) in use for both cabin and cockpit have created a hardware and connectivity infrastructure that can enable innovative software-based data solutions. iJet Technologies fills that role with a data access and analytics solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems to provide anything from single parameter information to integrated, aggregated “Big Data” type analytics.

iJet Technologies integrates aircraft operational data, IP communication links, and airline ground systems into a single, extensible solution that is capable of handling large amounts of streaming data both in real time and post flight.  This integrated approach enables scalable operational applications and analytics that provide quantifiable financial value in the air, on the ground, and across all organizational units.