Close Loop





Closed Loop is a global aviation consultancy that assists airlines to maximise the success and the value of either mandated, or internally driven programs. Closed Loop provides airlines and suppliers facilitation, guidance and mentoring from “idea to implementation” across all operational doctrines, through all stages of program and project life cycles. The Closed Loop team of subject matter experts and project managers collectively bring their customers in excess of a century and a quarter of experience. Closed Loop has expertise in fields such as EFB, document management, risk management, LOSA, FOQA, contract and supply management and most operational system implementations including EFB, connected aircraft, flight planning systems and operations control system development. Closed Loop has also developed strategic programs ahead of new ANNEX 6 considerations such as Flight Watch and Flight Following and the very topical flight tracking initiatives.

Closed Loop was quick to recognise the crucial nature of eEnablement to the industry and has been involved in defining organisational strategies and cost benefit and implementation models for airlines and suppliers since 2013. Closed Loop is considered a thought-leader in regard to the possibilities for eEnablement and the capability and industry and airline value propositions it can deliver.

Closed Loop is headquartered in Australia however has consultants of different disciplinary backgrounds in a number of strategic locations around the globe including Europe and the USA. Primarily a professional services company, Closed Loop has developed unique program stage packages that match specific subject matter expertise with our tailored management methodologies specific to your program. These stage packages are designed to deliver specific outcomes for a number of airline and industry drivers. Closed Loop’s methodology succeeds by extracting and untangling internal perspectives, which have historically driven duplication, redundant technology acquisition and disappointing financial and functional outcomes.

For an unencumbered external perspective that carries the hindsight and experience of more than a century, yet projects a vision of future capability, agility and utility for airline and industry operations; to discover ultimate operational possibility and capability in the noise of the day-of-ops focus across the airline and then out to all the touch points involved in moving your airplanes, to uncover compelling financial outcomes and to build paths to successful implementation – the first time, consider Closed Loop: Considered Thinking; Enlightened Solutions your first call.