For almost three decades, Rolls-Royce has been using the power of data to give its customers greater control of, and insight into their operations. Since the late ‘80s, the data gathered and analysed by our data experts has changed the way our power systems are designed, manufactured, operated and maintained on behalf of our customers.With the introduction of TotalCare® in the late ‘90s, Rolls-Royce fundamentally changed the business model for airlines, aligning its interests with those of its customers, setting a new model for engine maintenance, and forever changing the relationship between engine suppliers and airlines.


Today, our CareServices combine the power of advanced analytics with our extensive, global support network to help airlines optimise their operations, saving millions of pounds each year for more than 500 customers around the world.

  • 1,300 customers in the aerospace sector alone rely on our data services; we monitor 13,000 engines in service, between 6000 and 8000 commercial flights a day - analysing billions of data points per flight;
  • Our efficiency data experts analyse just under 3 million flight sectors per year, which represents around 28% of airlines’ global routes, and underpins approx 100,000 tons of fuel saving for our airline customers;
  • Our Safety Management System (SMS) solution (formerly called VisiumAQD) counts 88 airlines and subsidiaries (120 operators all together) in its global customer base, 50,000 Users, across 50 countries.

Cloud-based technology and the exponential rise in the volume and sources of data are enabling us to make a major step-change in the functionality and capability of our digitally-enabled services.


We are moving our data services into the next digital age, and in partnership with Microsoft and other technology partners, we are adding the scale and computing power of the Cloud to our deep analytic capabilities, and are building our Digital Collaboration Platform. Working with these technology partners, we can focus on our core competencies of advanced data analytics and innovation for the benefit of our customers.


In the area of Efficiency Management, our leading solution provides all standard efficiency initiatives including Fleet-wide fuel planning and consumption optimisation, Zero Fuel Weight accuracy, APU fuel usage, engine wash optimisation, fuel burn for taxiing and landing, and through our consultancy we support stakeholders’ decision-making and behaviours. Through the integration of QAR data, we are able to develop new focused initiatives for our customers at a faster rate and with even greater savings. The continuous addition of new data streams such as airport weather and pilot performance is enriching the data pool and enabling new data innovation sprints, increasing the potential for further efficiency measures for our customers.


We will be delighted to understand more about your needs and challenges and explore with you how we can help addressing them; come and talk to us at our stand E5, and do not miss the presentations from our experts on Day1 and Day2.


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