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A320neo fuel burn performance

The fuel burn and operating performance of the A320neo, A320ceo and 737-800 are examined on the typical short-haul routes of 227-1,821nm. Analysis reveals the A320neo has closely matched its targets.

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Techniques for ancillary revenues

A variety of technologies and systems have developed and evolved to enable an array of new techniques and hardware for airlines to generate a growing variety of ancillary revenue products.

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The benefits of big data analytics

Several airlines have implemented big data analytics platforms to utilise specialist algorithms for processing flight and operations data. The application of these systems and the initials benefits that some airlines are realising are examined.

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APU maintenance & management

The APU contributes a significant portion of total aircraft maintenance cost. Attention has to be given to the APU’s management, maintenance removal drivers, and its maintenance costs.

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IATA’s paperless aircraft initiative

Several electronic processes have matured at a similar time to make the possibility of an all-electronic operation and management of a commercial aircraft a reality. IATA has launched an industry-wide initiative to further this process.

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Market for A320P2F & A321P2F

P-to-F programmes are in development for the A321 and A320, and are due enter production in 2018 and 2019. The freight capacity and possible markets for these aircraft are examined.

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