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The economics of acquiring 'green time' engines

Acquiring time-continued or 'green time' engines can be an economic solution for airlines operating older aircraft for a few years as an alternative to conducting full maintenance of owned engines.Charles Williams examines the technical issues and economics that airlines should consider.

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Is there still a market for aircraft with less than 50 seats?

Aircraft with 30 to 50 seats used to make up the core of regional fleets, but in recent years they have been superseded by 70-seat turboprops and 70-plus-seat RJs. Nick Preston considers levels of demand and potential markets for 30-seat and 50-seat types.

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EFB & ETL applications & software survey 

The EFB and ETL market was summarised in 2013. While many providers remain, some new software has also emerged, and other legacy software has either been acquired or consolidated.The key EFB & ETL applications are updated.

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A320 base maintenance inputs

Each member of the A320 family has its maintenance programme detailed in a single maintenance planning document (MPD). This document has now begun to include additional A320 new engine option (neo) tasks. A detailed examination, building on findings of issue 105 2016, is given.

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GE90, GP72100, Trent 800 & Trent 900 performance & maintenance

The 777 family and A380 dominate the long-haul market. The performance of engines powering these airframes is crucial to their overall performance, and will be determined by their reliability and maintenance costs. Several factors influence performance and shop visits, as explored.

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Considerations when configuring a maintenance IT system 

Several main issues have to be considered when configuring a maintenance IT system for the future. These include system functionalities, system configuration, documentation management for modern aircraft types, and providing a fully electronic system.

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Cherry picking CRJ100s/200s for P-to-F conversion

The CRJ100/200 series is the only RJ type with active passenger-to-freighter conversion options. Key P-to-F feedstock selection criteria for these aircraft are considered here. Operators should priotorise age and accummulated flight cycles.


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