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The narrowbody engine MRO market

Narrowbody engines dominate the engine MRO market, and account for more than half the shop visit activity. The evolution and size of this market segment is examined.

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Best practice for aircraft lease transitions

Returning aircraft late or in an unacceptable condition can incur significant costs for the lessee. Recommended best practices for the lease transition process are highliughted here, including the need for detailed and advanced planning.

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The challenge of S1000D data management 

Airlines face the challenge of handling S1000D document & manual content when taking delivery of new-generation aircraft. Users can take advantage of the enhanced functionality that S1000D provides if they adapt their IT systems to extract the full potential.

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IFE system selection: embedded versus wireless

IFE systems have evolved into several categories, resulting in a wide range of hardware capital costs. Low-cost wireless systems have stimulated demand from a range of airlines that had not previously fitted their fleets with IFE hardware. The arguments for embedded and wireless systems are examined.

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Evaluation of the large RJ market

The active fleet of large RJs has more than trebled since the start of the millenium. Each large RJ programme status is summarised. Potential market demand and factors influencing RJ fleet planning are discussed.

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Is there a market for Avro RJ freighter conversions? 

BAE Systems is investigating the potential for a P-to-F conversion programme for RJ85s and RJ100s. The operational benefits of these aircraft are considered against those of current regional and narrowbody freighters.

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