Pre-Conference Workshop


Pre-Conference Digital Transformation in Aviation Workshop*

Tuesday, 29th October 2019 (14:00 – 17:30)

* Please note that there is an additional fee of US $ 250 to attend this Workshop.

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Workshop Title:
Digital Transformation in Aviation Workshop


Workshop Overview:

With the explosion of data and new technologies in the past 3 years, it is clear that Digital Transformation is something with which every airline and aviation company must engage. But what is ’digital transformation’ and what are its implications for management, and those using and developing software solutions?

Airlines and large aviation companies are complex operations, and their systems are normally reliant on an IT architecture that is outdated and fragmented. Data sits in silos across the company and that silo separation limits the company’s ability to adopt a digital strategy. Upgrading that technology is extremely time consuming, complex and costly. So how can airlines and aviation companies benefit from new digital technologies, embrace transformation, and bring the data silos together to enable real-time insights?

During the interactive workshop, you will learn answers to these questions, as well as understand the history of the digital age. You will learn lessons from other industries and what’s trending in aviation as well as see case studies of agile IT solutions that can integrate with traditional IT infrastructures.

At the end of the session, participants will have a working knowledge of the different digital technologies trending in aviation and which new technologies are coming to market; understand the benefits of working with agile technology compared to traditional methods; and know how to implement this to drive digital transformation. The workshop will close with a Q&A session and participants are invited to send in their key questions and details of any digital problems facing their companies ahead of the session – our experts will then ensure you leave with the answers and knowledge needed to meet these challenges.

Workshop Agenda:

14:00 – 15:30    Theory & Introduction:

  • Introduction
    – An introduction to Digital Transformation and a look back at history
    – What are the most significant development to date?

  • The second digital age – General trends in digitization
    – What’s going on in society at large and in other industries? Social media is a relentless force driving digital technology.
    – What new technologis are coming to market?
    – How can we position ourselves to be a winner in the second digital age?

  • Digitization in Aviation. Trends and Case Studies
    – What’s trending in Aviation in the digital market?
    – Presentation of agile IT solution case studies such as:
    — Digital transfer of Weight & Balance information between stakeholders.
    — ePooling of components with XML transfer of rotable data
    — Developing tablet solutions for load control

  • How to successfully implement digital initiatives in Aviation
    – An introduction to agile project methods and how to use them in an aviation digitalization project.
    – A comparison between traditional waterfall methods and IT structure, and agile projects and solutions.
    – An introduction to the practical agile course

15:30 – 16:00    REFRESHMENT BREAK

16:00 – 17:30    Agile LEGO brick building workshop

  • The group will divide into development teams and then our Agile coach will lead us through the planning and building of an airport with LEGO bricks. We will work in short sprints with planning, building and retrospective phases. Key take aways will be deeper understanding of the pros of working agile compared to traditional methods and ideas on how to implement this for digital development in aviation.

  • Closing Thoughts and Questions & Answers

17:30    Close of Pre-conference Digital Transformation in Aviation Training Workshop

All participants will be provided with course materials post-conference.

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Michelle Karlsson
Cervino Consulting

Michelle holds a Master of Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and work as a aviation & transport advisory consultant at Cervino Consulting. She is also product owner and lead for the development of the Cervino Spare Part Optimization System (SPOS). Michelle have over the last years been involved in many projects at different airlines with process development, AMOS and Maintenix and have also in her past worked 5 years as crew member for Scandinavian Airlines.

InterContinental Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Workshop / Showcase Room

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Gísla Run Kristjánsdóttir
Cervino Consulting

Gisla work as a senior consultant within aviation & transport advisory and has a 10 years aviation experience with diverse assignments such as project management, Maintenix expert (implementation and improvements) and as a Powerplant Engineer at Icelandair. Gisla has also worked as a Powerplant Engineer at WOW Air and was a part of the team implementing AMOS at WOW air and was a project manager for the V12.20 upgrade.