FLOPS 2019 Sponsor Profile

Bytron Aviation Systems is a UK based company specialising in flight dispatch, crew briefing and journey logging; delivering operational data reliably to aircraft operators, airports and air traffic control.

Since its formation in 1984, Bytron has developed, integrated and maintained cutting-edge software solutions for NATS, Thomas Cook, Menzies Aviation and many more.

Our flagship software skybook goes beyond what is traditionally thought of as a flight dispatch and briefing system and has been evolving ever since we first started the project back in 2001.

skybook makes it easy for users to access all airline dispatch, briefing and journey log data, allowing you to fully integrate and centralise all of the information from your core systems. Delivering the right data, to the right people, at the right time and to any device.

Skybook has recently been enhanced to reflect a need for airlines to shift to a more reliable, digital flight dispatch process providing genuinely useful information to the operations team and airline management to help ensure operations run smoothly and ensure management is informed by the best planning and post-flight datasets available. Skybook now includes a variety of modules which can be implemented as a complete package, or individually.

Bytron recognised this need and adapted skybook into a modular solution to make the transition to digital flight dispatch simpler, following standard airline operation practices, therefore reducing the risk associated with implementing skybook in place of existing manual or digital processes.

skybook is comprised of the following main modules; Flight Dispatch and Ops Board, Crew Flight Briefing, Airfield Watcher, Planning Portal, Crew Notices, Flight Record Vault, ETOPS Charting, skybook API and skybook Notifications.

Our skybook ground operations portal is an intelligent web based portal allowing you to dynamically manage your dispatch and briefing process effectively. Skybook gives you reliability on generating dispatch and briefing data using industry standard data feeds. Our full briefing packs have been accredited by numerous airlines, CAA's and passed IOSA audits.

Our companion app consists of a digital briefing module and journey log capabilities that work alongside the Skybook ground operations portal. This gives you the chance for real-time information, reduced admin overheads and greater flexibility. The companion app can be accessed via any internet enabled device.

Our crew briefing software collates and analyses briefing material quickly and intelligently; automatically alerting your crew to any information that is operationally significant, relevant to them, specific to their fleet or on general release.

Airfield Watcher provides up to date situational awareness of the weather and NOTAM at the airfields vital to your operation, enabling you to assess the impact of weather changes and/or airport disruption on your flight schedule in real-time.

skybook is a tried and tested airline software solution, proven to reduce reporting times, mitigate briefing errors and increase staff morale by saving time and allocating resources effectively.  Plus, skybook provides simple access to planned and actual flight data, allowing informed decisions to be made regarding ongoing planning and budgeting.