FLOPS 2019 Sponsor Profile

Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, delivers advanced analytics tools and software that help operators improve operational efficiency and lower costs. Jeppesen’s portfolio includes digital navigation, crew scheduling, flight optimization software, flight planning tools, and fuel efficiency tools.  

Jeppesen is recognized as the leading provider of digital and printed navigational information, with an unparalleled global library of charts and NavData®. In addition, Jeppesen has been at the forefront of the digital revolution on the flight deck, helping many of the world’s leading airlines make the transition from paper to paperless operations.

Our portfolio of crew and fleet planning, management and tracking tools provide an integrated view of crew, fleet and passengers. They consider all relevant constraints and deliver crew and fleet schedules that maximize profits while satisfying the human need for desirable and satisfying crew schedules. Our disruption management tools are exception-driven and alert for aircraft, crew and passenger issues, and allow for users to either manually build and repair assignments or make use of optimizers for recovery of aircraft and crew.

Using Jeppesen flight planning and optimization tools, operators are able to plan, execute and evaluate their daily operations while identifying opportunities to improve operational efficiency by improving operational behavior. Our fuel management tools are proven to help airlines identify fuel consumption opportunities by two – seven percent annually. 

Jeppesen and other members of the Boeing family of companies bring data-analytics driven efficiency solutions to many of the world’s leading airlines.

For more information, please emails us at fra-casales@jeppesen.com or visit our website www.jeppesen.com.