FLOPS 2019 Sponsor Profile

Use the opportunities of a connected environment to transform static data to dynamic functions and thus added value for our customers

This is our philosophy at Skyconseil, a Toulouse based SME, developing innovative solutions for airlines to reduce operating costs and environmental impact while increasing safety.
These solutions are centered around GUIDORâ„¢.

GUIDOR is a decision support tool meant to complement the functionalities of flight management systems with advanced adverse weather avoidance, operational functionalities and flight optimization capabilities during the en-route phase. It enables flight crews to make informed decisions about the operational efficiency of their flights.

GUIDOR is, however, not limited to the cockpit, it can also be used on the ground by mission support or OCC. This will not only allow to follow the selected flights but also to exchange information about, for example, re-routing proposals or pilot reports.

The main idea behind GUIDOR is use the opportunities of a connected environment to transform static data to dynamic functions.

The current version of the tool embeds flight follow up and forecasting functions which enable the crew to identify at a glance any drift from the operational flight plan and act accordingly.

The direct access to the live aeronautical information using SWIM services will assure that every change in/of the environment will be instantly detected, and corresponding actions might be taken.

Extensive weather information completes the visibility on the flight and allow the cockpit crew and/or ground staff anticipate upcoming events.

However, GUIDOR offers much more than the "simple" display of information but combines it with operational functionalities to propose to pilots and OCC efficient decision aid tools to help them taking decisions and optimize the flight.

You want to know more, come see us at our booth E35 and get a demonstration of GUIDOR or have a look at our website.