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We analyze airlines’ flight data to provide the most precise aircraft performance and optimize fuel consumption.


Performance of each aircraft changes over time. If not tracked precisely, planning accurate amount of fuel as well as executing flights at optimum speed and altitude is a challenge and may easily lead to loss of fuel efficiency. Storkjet advancedAPM is fully automated, most precise Aircraft Performance Monitoring platform which allows to maximize fuel efficiency in these areas.

The goal of Aircraft Performance Monitoring is to know the up-to-date performance of each aircraft in the fleet to plan and execute flights in optimum way and as a result reduce the fuel burn.

This is done by measuring actual fuel consumption of each aircraft and comparing it to the fuel consumption of a new aircraft. The difference that is called Performance Factor or Degradation Factor is later used in multiple systems, including FMS and Flight Planning System. Precise Performance Factors are crucial for accurate fuel planning, tail assignment, safe reduction of contingency fuel as well as speed and altitude optimization. Additionally advancedAPM gives more insight into aircraft performance by including: thrust reduction reports, aerodynamic gross weight error and detailed diagnostics reports.

StorkJet’s APM allows you to streamline and automatize classical APM processes for all aircraft types and reduce fuel usage.

- Saves money

- Fully automatic

- For all aircraft types

- The most precise results

- Easy integration

- Performance diagnostics

- Thrust reduction reports


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