FLOPS 2019 Sponsor Profile

One of the world's largest private weather service companies based in Japan Weathernews Inc. provides customised Aviation Weather Support covering all phases of the flight, and provides innovative IT weather solutions to meet the specific requirements of any airline.

Over 13,000 flights and 350 airports worldwide are monitored everyday by our dedicated operations team, available 24/7/365 for direct risk communication and consultation.

  • Enhance Safety:

Proprietary hourly volcanic ash diffusion forecasts with worldwide coverage
Proprietary hourly forecasts of turbulence, icing and convection featuring worldwide PIREP and AMDAR data assimilation
Innovative satellite composite products for detailed CB analysis, cloud top height analysis, volcanic ash clouds tracking

  • Increase Operational Efficiency:

Browser and tablet-based software solutions feature customisable tools allowing users to create their own en-route prognostic charts
Weather layers displayed together with flight route and latest flight hazard information, with vertical cross section display capability for detailed route analysis. Configurable alert settings for improved situational awareness

  • Reduce Cost and Achieve Time savings:

Avoid costly diversions with the latest weather information and forecasts provided at the time of flight planning.
Cost reductions in printing costs can be achieved with our tablet based application, featuring the latest weather and innovative content.
Latest public and proprietary weather, overlaid with the latest flight information on one workstation, brings time savings and increased productivity.


Visit our booth for future discussion on how we can help your flight operations create value from our vast experience in Aviation weather support.

Our Global Aviation team is looking forward to meet you, for more detailed information please also visit: https://global.weathernews.com/your-industry/aviation/