Miami2020 Sponsor Profile

Collinear Group provides proven Professional Services and Consulting capabilities to aerospace clients.  Our core capabilities include aerospace systems engineering, software engineering, program management, applied analytics, and project management.

Collinear Group offers a wide range of consulting and professional services. Our team has the breadth of knowledge and expertise to support your organization’s critical operations and deliver guidance, resources, systems and solutions to meet your business challenges. We partner with our clients to develop business strategies, design high quality and scalable solutions, and create actionable initiatives to transform operations, adapt to change, and to create value.  Our team has helped create and deliver some of the aerospace industry’s leading digital solutions in use today.  Our focused Solutions Areas include:

Digital Aviation

Our Digital Aviation Practice focuses on helping our customers deliver real value and operational efficiency via advanced airborne and ground-based solutions. This includes Consulting on focused and enterprise wide digital initiatives, and hands-on Professional Services provided by highly skilled and experienced software development, product engineering and product management professionals.

Airworthiness and Certification

Collinear Group’s Airworthiness and Certification Services provide key support for regulatory certification and compliance. We are experienced at delivering robust certifications plans, conformity reports, and test reports supporting our customers’ certification efforts.  Compliance artifacts are provided at aircraft, system, and component levels, ensuring successful Type Certification and STC compliance.

Digital Engineering

Our Digital Engineering know-how helps our customers take advantage of best of breed methods and digital tools to solve difficult engineering problems in an efficient and data-driven manner.  Our experts have the proven know-how and experience to help our customers create and deploy modern Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methods and tools as part of their overall digital product lifecycle management efforts.

Digital Manufacturing

Collinear Group’s experience in delivering the latest “Industry 4.0” methods within the manufacturing sector are marketing leading, and we are helping our customers create the vital linkages between design, manufacturing and operations using sensor and other data throughout the lifecycle.

We wish you a successful conference and look forward to discussing how our team of experts and aerospace professionals can help elevate and accelerate your digital aerospace endeavors.

Contact: [email protected]