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 All great things begin with vision and continue with commitment and dedication. eTT Aviation started with a vision to create a tool that can provide a better quality of life to airline crew members. This vision was realized with the Crew Companion product, which is used for trip trading by thousands of United Airline pilots. The vision continued and was expanded on with the introduction of the SkedFlex product, which is offers airlines flight and crew tracking capabilities. In 2019, eTT purchased the Management Information System for Aviation (MISA), an ERP system, which allows aviation companies to effectively and efficiently run all aspects of their operation in one system, including accounting, maintenance, inventory management, purchasing, human resources and payroll.

SkedFlex is eTT Aviation’s comprehensive flight and crew management system which provides airlines and air operators the ability to schedule and manage crewmembers, flights, and aircraft in a flexible, efficient, and visual manner. Coupled with its proprietary rules engines, SkedFlex helps ensure regulatory compliance under the Code of Federal Regulations parts 117, 121, 125, and 135, for flight, duty, and rest limitations. Additional company requirements may be incorporated, as may rule sets from regulatory authorities worldwide.

SkedFlex offers optional modules that provide enhanced capabilities, allowing SkedFlex to be tailored to any size operation. The modules include Crew Pay, Crew Qualifications and Training, Fleet Management, Airport Management, and the new Qualification and Training Management System and PBS modules.

It is a common practice for aviation companies to use multiple applications to manage their operations, whether custom built, acquired from a third-party, part of a legacy system, or a combination thereof. Often, such applications have limited interfaces necessitating duplicate data entry - a recipe for inducing errors and decreasing efficiency. And even when interfaces exist, they can be difficult to manage and require resources to build, maintain, and support them. MISA provides the solution for these issues by standardizing, streamlining, and integrating business processes across all the various departments and functional areas within the company; and this integration improves the bottom line while providing employees a user-friendly and consistent application experience across the whole organization. For management, MISA's integration means access to real-time, comprehensive, and relevant information from a single system rather than from disparate sources.

The integration of SkedFlex and MISA allows eTT to offer a comprehensive Air Operations Suite for aviation companies to manage all aspects of their business, while being supported by our first-class customer service team – a recipe for success.

Crew Companion is eTT Aviation’s trip trading solution for the airline industry. Our solution makes dropping, picking up, and trading schedules a snap no matter where the pilot is located and results in a better quality of life for pilots because they have direct input in their schedules, while increasing operational efficiency due to a decrease in pilot sick occurrences.