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Flyprestanda has established itself as a leading supplier of aircraft performance solutions worldwide. With an organisation built on a recognised quality system Flygprestanda supply clients all over the world with efficient solutions for their daily operations.

All services provided by Flygprestanda keep the highest quality standards and comply with the requirements of various regulatory bodies such as local CAA's, EASA-OPS and FAA.

50 years of experience has given us the leading edge in this part of the aviation business and we are constantly developing our services to ensure our clients the best possible performance services.

Solutions designed for today and tomorrow

Building on experience, Flygprestanda supplies a wide range of services for various aspects of flight preparation, customising services and offering complete solutions taking into account the complexity of your unique operations. With services based on airport data gathered and maintained for several decades we have a unique foundation to deliver safe and accurate performance calculations to improve your operational efficiency, independent of the size or type of your operations.

Performance Guru 2TM

Takeoff and landing performance application

Performance Guru 2 offers you Offline Takeoff and Landing calculations and Mass & Balance for any airport world wide covered in our 8000+ airport database. The database is compiled and maintained in-house by our experienced Airport Analysts which gives us the strength of having full control over database and software and allows us to give our customers excellent service.

  • Offline Takeoff and Landing Performance
  • Engine Failure Procedures
  • Handles AFM and SCAP performance data.
  • Mass & Balance
  • Available for iPad and Win
  • Guru BackOffice
  • Integration possibilities

For more information please contact:

Sales Department +46 40 6420010