Miami2020 Sponsor Profile

Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Whether you need to develop a company-wide digitization strategy, connect machines using IT services or provide mobile platforms for cross-company collaboration: If it is a matter of company digitization, Lufthansa Industry Solutions is the right partner.

Our customers come from a wide range of different areas. These include air travel, logistics and transport. They come from the manufacturing and automotive industries, and are active in publishing and tourism, or in the energy and health care sectors. But no matter their industry, they all face the same, huge challenge of our time: They have to structure their IT all along the value chain in such a way that it reduces costs and simultaneously increases revenues and efficiency in the long run. In short: It is about companies’ future viability.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions helps companies to digitize and automate their business processes – from medium-sized to global players. In doing so, we do not just focus on the IT needed, but on our customer’s business as a whole, including its internal and external challenges. This is because digital transformation affects a company’s entire structure and culture, and reaches beyond company borders to collaboration with partners, customers and suppliers.

Our customer base includes both companies within Lufthansa Group as well as more than 200 companies in various other industries. Lufthansa Industry Solutions with its head office in Norderstedt employs over 1,400 members of staff at our headquarters and several branch offices in Germany, Switzerland and the USA.